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"Fashion is a form of communication and a way to tell a story" / Michal Hidas


Michal Hidas is an Israeli fashion designer and the winner of the “Fashion Humanitarian Award,” presented by Runway the Realway during New York Fashion Week, September 2017. Her collections have been shown in cities around the world (including New York, Milan, Jerusalem, and Taipei), and written about in Vogue Italia, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and others.

Michal graduated in 2015 from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, one of the world’s most prestigious high fashion academies. During her studies, she ranked first among 40,000 contestants in the I-SKOOL digital fashion contest sponsored by ISKO, one of the largest denim manufacturers in the world.

Michal made her professional breakthrough under her own brand, HÍDAS, with the creation of BRIDGING, in partnership with a Palestinian architect from Gaza – using his optimistic architectural freehand drawings as patterns, which were then printed on lavish textiles to create the collection.

HÍDAS high-end fashion collections aim to shine a light on complex and difficult global issues, making them accessible to a wide audience. By designing unique prints in bold colors, with eye-catching silhouettes, in a brave and unlikely collaboration, Hidas hopes to open people’s hearts, minds, and eyes.

Michal launched her latest collection - BRIDGING - during New York Fashion Week; created in collaboration with her Palestinian partner and a Jewish calligrapher from Jerusalem, this collection was inspired by her volunteer work with Syrian refugees. BRIDGING aims to raise awareness, spark conversation and action, and give voice to the desperate plight of Syrians, through the language and medium of fashion.

Michal and her innovative work were recognized in 2018 by her inclusion in the Forbes Israel 30 Under 30 list.

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