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We create YOUR meaningful, customized items

Today, consumer consciousness is at an all-time high. Consumers want to own less, know where their products are made, and are increasingly interested in meaningful purchases. A beautifully designed, meaningful, and specialized HÍDAS product will meet - and exceed - these expectations.  

We envision institutions like yours creating a signature line to celebrate your work as a means of showing appreciation to employees with a gift of a scarf or tie, providing these products at a large annual conference, as thoughtful gestures for clients, and a means of creatively and stylishly marketing your company.

We’re inviting you to embark on an impactful and creative path of engaging your employees, clients, and supporters of your institution with a line of meaningful, useful, branded products. Using sustainable materials and professional design. The specialized line will share the story of your institution to wider audiences in an innovative, and wearable way. 


HÍDAS has rich experience in manufacturing, creativity, and enthusiasm to enter your world and share it with others. We invite you to think together about the message we want to convey, the best way to do so, and what products resonate with the culture of your organizations. 

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In one of HÍDAS's capsule collections shown below, we took 10 scientific images, produced in the labs of the Weizmann Institute as part of scientific research, and transformed them into a beautiful wearable science collection of peace-silk - vegan and high-quality - ties and scarves for the board members, donors, volunteers and visitors of the Weizmann Institute. The Wearable science collection was launched at the Annual Gala where Weizmann presented the scientific discoveries of the past year.

The Wearable Science Collection

Another example is an exclusive branded winter coat we made for the FireFighters department of Planegg, Bavaria.

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