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So what do we mean by ethical fashion?

In recent years, consciousness living is not just a privilege; it's also essential for future generations and for ourselves.


"When we think of industries that are having a harmful effect on the environment, manufacturing, energy, transport and even food production might come to mind. But the fashion industry is considered by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), to be the second most polluting industry in the world.

According to UNCTAD, some 93 billion cubic meters of water - enough to meet the needs of five million people - is used by the fashion industry annually, and around half a million tons of microfibre, which is the equivalent of 3 million barrels of oil, is now being dumped into the ocean every year."

25 March 2019 I UN news:


The production and distribution of the crops, fibers, and materials used in fashion all contribute to different environmental pollution forms, including water, air, and soil pollution.

Ethical fashion is more than a trendy term. It is a practical way to decide what to buy, what to wear, and - more importantly - what and how to produce without harming the environment and human rights. At HÍDAS, we want to spread this message wide and clear. We are grateful to know people who support this idea, like you and other clients, suppliers, and collaborators, and like many others who are willing to learn more. 


In our opinion and vision, there are three ways to be "a sustainable brand," and we apply all three methods at HÍDAS:

  1. The people - employees and every part of the brand should reflect the diversity and work in a non-hierarchical structure. In our brand, Israelis and Palestinians work together to make the clothes. Starting with printing the textiles, pattern making, sewing, etc. we give people a vision to be part of the brand and not just employees.          

  2. Content - We strongly believe that fashion is a fantastic medium to convey messages. With our unique collections, we help people open up their hearts and minds. We are deeply affected and care for small and big ethical issues in today's world; therefore, one of our primary goals is to raise awareness of challenging issues in an enjoyable and attractive way. One example is our collection - BRIDGING - that we launched during New York Fashion Week; created in collaboration with a Palestinian partner and a Jewish calligrapher from Jerusalem, this collection was inspired by our volunteer work with Syrian refugees. BRIDGING aims to raise awareness, spark conversation and action, and give voice to Syrians' desperate plight through the language and medium of fashion.                    

  3. Materials - We use extremely innovative textiles that help the skin and body feel better and promote fast healing—biologically active viral deactivating natural fabrics, proven effective against Corona and Influenza viruses. The manufacturing process is entirely environmental, sustainable technology using no chemistry to bind the raw accelerated copper, which is performed at the fiber level and makes the fabric skin-enhancing. At the same time, all fabrics are self-sterilizing for odor elimination and reduced washing - unless the garments are physically dirty, they don't need washing! We call it "Use more, Wash less" so we are saving water during the production process, and you are saving water while wearing. Other than world-peace, is there anything else we need?!

One of the burning issues we tackle these days is that today's fashion industry isn't accessible and inclusive enough for people with physical disabilities and disables them from enjoying real fashionable clothing independently. We are developing a unique inclusive fashion line that fits BOTH people with and without physical disabilities, by using exclusive therapeutic textiles and tech solutions (zipping, buttoning) that compliment everyone.

We aim to mainstream the "inclusive fashion" while empowering people with disabilities by highlighting their abilities and enabling them to dress-up independently in quality, innovative, chic fashion.

"You may live in the world as it is, but you can still work to create the world as it should be."

 Michelle Obama- 

We encourage you to make those small changes in your everyday decisions; to live aligned with your values and bring meaning, goodness, and happiness to yourself, your closest community, and others. 

With love,

The HÍDAS team

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