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HÍDAS aims to raise awareness, spark conversation and action, and give voice to the desperate plight of the the world's refugees.

Bridgings' second collection was created in collaboration with a Palestinian creative partner and a Jewish calligrapher from Jerusalem. The collection was inspired by Hidas’ volunteer work with Syrians in Leros, Greece, and in an Israeli hospital. HÍDAS is a winner of the “Fashion Humanitarian Award,” presented by 'Runway the Realway' during New York Fashion Week.

Bridging 2018 is part of a recurring series of high-end fashion collections by Hidas that aim to shine a light on complex and dificult global issues, making them accessible to a wide audience. By designing unique prints in bold colors, with eye-catching silhouettes, in a brave and unlikely collaboration, Hidas hopes to open people’s hearts, minds and eyes.

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